The Single Best Strategy To Use For ev語�?學校

小洞不補大洞?�苦 小洞不补大洞?�苦 [xiao3 dong4 bu4 bu3 da4 dong4 chi1 ku3] /A small gap not plugged could make you suffer a major gap (idiom): a stitch in time will save 9/ keV Power, a method often known as Bremsstrahlung.|If a star contained just five% of fusible hydrogen, it would suffice to clarify how stars obtained their Power. (We now know that the majority 'everyday' stars contain far more than 5% hydrogen)|As an Electricity resource, the system is the sole fusion electricity procedure that could be demonstrated to work employing present technological know-how. However it might also demand a massive, continual supply of nuclear bombs, building the economics of such a program relatively questionable.|Investigate into developing controlled thermonuclear fusion for civil functions started in earnest inside the nineteen fifties, and it carries on to at the present time.|The only real other recognised plausible supply of energy was conversion of matter to Power; Einstein had shown some many years previously that a small quantity of make a difference was similar to a great deal of Strength.|履約 履约 [lu:three yue1] /to help keep an guarantee/to help keep an appointment/to honor an arrangement/to follow financial system/}

彼�??��?一??彼�??��?一??[bi3 yi1 shi2 ci3 yi1 shi2] /that was one thing, and this is yet another/periods have improved/

This is due ev語言學校 to the nucleus is adequately tiny that all nucleons experience the limited-variety interesting pressure at the very least read more as strongly as they sense the infinite-assortment Coulomb repulsion. website Building up nuclei from lighter nuclei by fusion releases ev語言學校 the additional Electricity from your net attraction of particles. For much larger nuclei, nonetheless, no Power is released, For the reason that nuclear power is short-selection and cannot go on to act across for a longer period atomic size scales. Thus, Electrical power is just not released Along with the fusion of this sort of nuclei; instead, Electrical power is needed as enter for these kinds of processes.

?��??�合 ?�欢离合 [bei1 huan1 li2 he2] /joys and sorrows/partings and reunions/the vicissitudes of daily life/

???�身???�同身受 [gan3 tong2 shen1 shou4] /to truly feel as if it experienced took place to oneself/to sympathize/(polite expression of gratitude for any favor obtained by an acquaintance and many others) I just take it as a personal favor/

The ratio of fusion ability generated to x-ray radiation missing to walls is an important figure of advantage. This ratio is mostly maximized at a A lot higher temperature than that which maximizes the facility density (begin to see the preceding subsection).

?????�难 [ji2 nan4] /misfortune/disaster/grave Threat/vital situation/catastrophe/unexpected emergency/to be zealous in serving to Other folks from a predicament/

Muon-catalyzed fusion is often a fusion method that happens at normal temperatures. It had been examined in detail by Steven Jones during the early 1980s. Web energy generation from this more info response is unsuccessful due to higher Electricity required to make muons, their short 2.

後賬 ?�账 [hou4 zhang4] /undisclosed account/to settle matters afterwards/to blame sb following the event/}

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